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Water Resistance Exercise Products


Aquafins Systems

This unique cuff system fits most people and is comfortably worn on the wrists and ankles.
Item #92-182 Aquatic Exercise Kit
Includes 2 cuffs, 4 fins, guide and mesh bag.
$56.32 Add to Cart
Closed Chain Disk

Closed Chain Disk

The Closed Chain Disk attaches at the foot and is a versatile exercise device for leg and hip muscles.
Item #92-157 Closed Chain Disk $23.89 Add to Cart
Buoyancy and Resist Cuffs

Buoyancy & Resistance Cuffs

These versatile buoyancy and resistance cuffs can be worn on the arms as a floatation device, around the waist for buoyancy and around the ankles for resistance and buoyancy.
Item #95-054 Buoyancy & Resistance Cuffs $71.98 Add to Cart
Item #95-056 Mini Cuffs
These smaller cuffs provide half the buoyancy and resistance as the regular cuffs while offering enhanced comfort.
$62.38 Add to Cart
Wave Web Pro Resistance Swim Gloves

Wave Web Pro

These form-fitting gloves are webbed to enhance water resistance for upper body toning and conditioning. Sized S (purple/black), M (blue/black), L (black).
Item #95-040 Wave Web Pro $23.98
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