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Water Resistance Exercise Products


Aquafins Systems

Aquafins cuffs and Predator fins are made of soft Santoprene rubber for strength and flexibility and can be worn comfortably on the wrists or ankles for full body conditioning. Each kit contains 2 cuffs, 4 Predator fins, mesh carry bag and detailed instructions for toning and strengthening legs and lower back, inner and outer thighs, arms, chest and upper back. One-size-fits-all.
Item #92-182 Aquatic Exercise Kit $60.63 Add to Cart
Buoyancy and Resist Cuffs

Buoyancy & Resistance Cuffs

These versatile buoyancy and resistance cuffs can be worn on the upper arms to aid floatation, around the waist for buoyancy and around the ankles for resistance and buoyancy.
Item #95-054 Buoyancy & Resistance Cuffs $71.78 Add to Cart
Item #95-056 Mini Cuffs
These smaller cuffs provide half the buoyancy and resistance as the regular cuffs while offering enhanced comfort.
$58.60 Add to Cart
Wave Web Pro Resistance Swim Gloves

Wave Web Pro

These form-fitting gloves are webbed to enhance water resistance for upper body toning and conditioning. Sized: Small Up to 6½" (purple/black), Medium 6½" to 7½" (blue/black), Large 7½" to 8½" (black).
Item #95-040 Wave Web Pro $23.98 Add to Cart
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