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CPR Kits CPR Kits On sale

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Zoll AED Plus

Zoll AED Plus CPR Kits On sale

The Zoll AED Plus is an easy to use automated external defibrillator that features an easy to place one-piece, chest-sized, pre-connected dual-electrodes and lit graphical step-by-step instructions with corresponding voice and text prompts. Zoll AED Plus also features Real CPR Help, which converts compression data instantly to an adaptive metronome to help the rescuer find the proper rate and depth of compression. Compression data is displayed during CPR along with voice prompts. Inexpensive consumer lithium batteries last five years in stand-by mode.
Item #12-430 Zoll AED Plus
(Must ship ground.)
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Item #12-432 Zoll CPR Replacement Pads
Zoll AED CPR pads last five years.
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Item #12-434 AED Cabinet with Alarm - only $271.50 Add to Cart
Item #12-435 Pediatric Electrodes $153.85 Add to Cart
Ambu Adult and Baby Resuscitators

Ambu Resuscitators

These portable, lightweight resuscitators are easy to use and provide superior pulmonary ventilation than what can be obtained from mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Both styles feature an inlet valve for feeding oxygen. Comes complete with carrying case and one adjustable face mask.
Item #12-438 Adult Ambu Resuscitator
1300ml bag, Size 5 mask
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Item #12-444 Baby Ambu Resuscitator
300ml bag, pressure tube, Size OA mask
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Ambu Disposable Resuscitators

Ambu Disposable Resuscitators

These resuscitators are priced right for facilities that require stand-by resuscitation equipment but can not afford or do not have the means to disinfect permanent CPR equipment. The resuscitators feature all transparent components, compression bag, patient valve and mask.
Item #12-468 Adult Disposable Resuscitator
1500 ml maximum stroke volume
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Item #12-469 Child Disposable Resuscitator
450 ml maximum stroke volume
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BigEasy Mask 
Item #12-437 BigEasy Mask CPR Kits On sale
Key features of the BigEasy® include an elevated perimeter for additional grip, increased density bladder for durability, and one-way valve with built-in O2 port for administering supplemental oxygen. Transparent in color, the BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Masks make it easy to see any foreign materials such as bodily fluids or obstructions in an emergency situation. The cushioned circular shape of the BigEasy® mask allows for a superior face-to-mask seal on adults, children, and infants, plus secure in-water rescue breathing for lifeguards. FDA approved.
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BigEasy CPR Mask and Belt Pouch Combo
Item #12-440 BigEasy CPR Mask and Belt Pouch Combo
The BigEasy® Mask and Belt Pouch Combo includes a BigEasy® Rescue Breathing Mask kit (mask and one way valve) and the belt pouch. FDA approved.
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BigEasy CPR Mask Belt Pouch - Only 
Item #12-439 BigEasy CPR Mask Belt Pouch - only
This black nylon belt pouch features a dual zipper pocket that allows storage of the BigEasy® mask. Simply slip the belt loop onto an existing fanny pack or belt. This pouch also features drainage at the bottom, allows additional air flow.
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Deluxe Emergency  CPR Kit

Deluxe Emergency CPR Kit

This CPR/first aid kit is designed to provide protection against the cross-contamination hazards associated with the handling of CPR emergencies.
Kit Contains:
- 2 microshield rescue breathers
- 2 pairs of latex gloves
- Alcohol Prep Pads
- Biohazard Waste Bags
- Compact metal case with hanging bracket
Item #12-017 Deluxe Emergency CPR Kit
Dimensions: 5" h x 4 ½" w x 2 ½" d; Weight: 4 lbs. 7 oz.
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First Responder Kit

First Responder Kit

Developed for first arrival onto the emergency scene, each kit comes complete with an empty, medical grade cylinder, oxygen regulator (0-25 lpm), nasal cannula and disposable bag mask resuscitator, all packaged in a durable carry pack.
Item #12-428 First Responder Kit $298.20 Add to Cart
CPR Microshield Rescue Breather

CPR Microshield Rescue Breather

Microshield is a disposable, inexpensive and protective barrier between rescuer and victim during an CPR emergency reducing the risk of cross-contamination. One size fits all, including training manikins. Includes one pair of latex gloves. Instructions printed on carton.
Item #12-016 CPR Microshield Rescue Breather
Weight: 6 oz.
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Mouth to Mask Resuscitator

Pocket Mask CPR Kits On sale

This pocket face mask has a one-way valve, filter, O2 inlet and head strap designed to provide effective artificial ventilation along with protection for both the rescuer and victim. Comes with carrying case.
Item #12-436 Pocket Mask Sale Price
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CPR Microshield Rescue Breather Keychain

CPR Microshield Rescue Breather Key Chain

Item #12-019 CPR Microshield Rescue Breather Key Chain
Weight:6 ozs.
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