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Floating Pool Toys and Games

Pro-Chip Island Golf Floating Pool Game

Pro-Chip Island Golf

The 18th hole for the pool! Includes 40" x 66" twist and fold green, (12) golf balls, chipping pad and (1) flag.
Item #94-021 Pro-Chip Island Golf $62.40 Add to Cart
Rubber Duckie

Rubber Duckie

The one and only! Everybody loves the rubber duckie and this little guy will keep you company in the pool or spa. Water tight to stay afloat (does not squeak).
Item #94-150 Rubber Duckie $5.73 Add to Cart
Squirties Pool Toys


Squeeze these fun pool toys to fill with water, and squeeze them to squirt them! Assorted colors. Choose from three different styles: fish, pirate and octopus.
Item #94-011 Squirtles $3.17 Add to Cart
Squid Disks Pool Toy

Squid Disks

Let the fun fly with the SwimWays Squid Disk! Dunk the Squid Disk underwater to saturate; then watch it fly across the pool spraying water from its body and tentacles as it rotates through the air. Appropriate for ages 3 and older. Sold each, in assorted colors.
Item #94-027 Squid Disks $7.20 Add to Cart
Creative Foam Play Bricks

Creative Play Bricks

Building floating battleships or castles are only a couple of inventive ways children can play with these bricks. Bricks are durable and great for children to develop their own games around. Made of tear-resistant closed-cell polyethylene foam. Set of 24, 7" x 3" x 1 ¾" (each), assorted color-fast bricks. Weight: 2 lbs. (per set)
Item #94-140 Creative Play Bricks $65.61 Add to Cart
The Canoe Chlidren's Play Canoe

The Canoe

Made of EVA foam, this canoe can accommodate 1 to 2 children at the same time and is a great tool for developing coordination and balance in the water. Includes two paddles. Dimensions: 76" l x 26" w.
Item #94-105 The Canoe $579.20 Add to Cart
Water Roll Foam Floating Children's Play Log

Water Roll

Kids and instructors love this product because it can be used in free swim to play an array of games and challenges. This roll allows kids to practice balancing while lying on their stomachs as well as practicing diving into the water from a sitting position. The Water Roll is made of high quality EVA foam. Assembly is not required. Colors may vary. Dimensions: 9" dia x 4' l.
Item #94-107 Water Roll $302.45 Add to Cart
Flat Water Roll Float Children's Play Log

Flat Water Roll

The flat water roll is a multifunctional toy that can be used in free swim as well as swim courses. This variation of the water roll has an oval shape and is useful in aiding to develop equilibrium. It can accommodate several children at once. Made of high quality EVA foam, assembly is not required. Colors may vary. Dimensions: 5" thick x 13 ½" w x 4' l.
Item #94-109 Flat Water Roll $302.45 Add to Cart
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