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Aquasol SPC Chemical Controller

Aquasol SPC Controller

The Aquasol SPC controller controls both chlorine and chlorine/bromine and pH and tests and adjusts the sanitizer level through ORP technology. This controller is a completely modular unit and includes flow cell and ORP and pH probes. Installation is accomplished using flexible tubing.
Item #56-521 Aquasol SPC Controller
110 volt
$2,220.00 Add to Cart
Aquasol WTC Chemical Controller

Aquasol WTC Controller

This chemical controller has all the same features as the Aquasol SPC but includes a dual digital LCD display.
Item #56-520 Aquasol WTC Controller
110 volt.
$2,592.00 Add to Cart
Item #56-523 Replacement ORP Probe $228.96 Add to Cart
Item #56-524 Replacement pH Probe $200.16 Add to Cart
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