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Large Area VBG Compliant Drain Covers Virginia Graeme Baker Anti-Entrapment Compliant Products

All of the products on this page meet the guidelines to prevent suction entrapment set forth in the new Title XIV - Pool and Spa Safety Act (also known as the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act).
Large Area Superflow Main Drain Grate

Large Area SuperFlow VGB Compliant Main Drain Grates

Large area, flat grates start at 18" x 36" and increase in width in 18" increments. These drain covers can be installed end-to-end to accommodate higher flow rate requirements
Item #34-331 SuperFlow VGB Main Drain Grate - 18" w x 36" l
Open Area: 343.44 sq. in.
Flow Rate: 2,080/1,496 gpm (floor/wall).
$720.74 Add to Cart
Item #34-332 SuperFlow VGB Main Drain Grate - 18" w x 54" l
Open Area: 515.16 sq. in.
Flow Rate: 3,120/2,244 gpm (floor/wall).
$1,157.42 Add to Cart
Item #34-333 SuperFlow VGB Main Drain Grate - 18" w x 72" l
Open Area: 686.88 sq. in.
Flow Rate: 4,160/2,992 gpm (floor/wall).
$1,442.21 Add to Cart
AEGIS Anti-Entrapment Shield

AEGIS Anti-Entrapment Shield

The AEGIS Anti-Entrapment Shield is easily installed without draining the pool and fabricated from fiberglass so no grounding is required. It is approved for use over any size field built main drain sump up to 24" x 24". Includes stainless steel mounting hardware.
Item #34-695 AEGIS Anti-Entrapment Shield
Open Area: 128.21 sq. in.
Flow Rate (GPM): 600 gpm at 1.5 FPS
$2,393.08 Add to Cart
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