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RayPak Professional Series Gas Swimming Pool Heater

RayPak Professional Series Gas Swimming Pool Heater 

RayPak Professional Series Gas Swimming Pool Heater

The RayPak Professional Series of swimming pool heaters is specifically designed for commercial aquatic facilities. Propane heaters are available upon request.

Burner Design - self-adjusting stainless steel burners compensate for gas pressure fluctuations, thus always burning clean and safe.

Smooth Light Off - slow-opening gas valve ensures smooth turn on. There is no "hard light" to worry about.

Cupro-Nickel Fin Tube and Brass Header - thick wall cupro-nickel fin tubes and brass headers provide added protection aggressive commercial swimming pool environments.

ASMA Stamped - all units are ASME stamped and come standard with both a flow switch and temperature/pressure gauge.

Power Vents (purchased separately) - available in 120 and 240 volt, these dual voltage power vent assemblies are Category III mechanical draft venting systems that operate under positive pressure to prevent excessive condensation production in the vent.

Items #60-605
through #60-610
RayPak Professional Gas Heaters
Six models available for elevations of 0-2,000, 2,000-6,000 and 6,000-9,000 feet above sea level, at 266,000 and 399,000 BTUH.

¾" gas connection, 2" water connection.
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