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Caravelle Inflatable Boat


Designed for pools and protected water areas, this boat has two lateral interior safety chambers. 2 person or 360 lb. capacity. Dimensions: 6' 4" l x 4' w; Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Item #94-072 Caravelle $61.25 Add to Cart
Super Caravelle

Super Caravelle

The Super Caravelle is made of extra heavy PVC and has two molded oarlocks and DIN safety chamber. It can be used with a SBM 12 volt electric motor or ordered with a stainless steel motor mount for gasoline motors (2 hp max). Comes with 2 oars and inflation pump. 3 person or 600 lb. capacity. Dimensions: 7'10" l x 4' 7" w; Weight: 15 lb.
Item #94-076 Super Caravelle $150.65 Add to Cart

Boat Accessories:

Item #94-078 Large Oars - pair
Dimensions: 59" long
$42.64 Add to Cart
Item #94-081 Small Oars - pair
Dimensions: 44" long
$25.42 Add to Cart
Item #94-080 Foot Pump
May be used with any of our inflatable boats and rafts. Dimensions: 11½" x 8 ¾"; Weight: 3 lbs.
$30.17 Add to Cart
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