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Lifeguard Accessories

Lifeguard Accessories

Lifeguard Accessories:

Item #12-363 Starter Pistol
Bluish finished .22 caliber pistol with plastic grip and 8-shot swing out cylinder fires crimped .22 short blanks. Double or single action. Weight 2 lbs.
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Item #12-364 100 Blank Cartridges $25.95 Add to Cart
Item #12-360 Air Horn
Each can features a replaceable diaphragm, no-stick valve and cycolac plastic horn.
$40.37 Add to Cart
Item #12-350 Swiss Embroidered Patches
Affixable on swimsuits or jackets. Dimensions: 6¼" x 1 5/8"; Weight: 1 oz
Item #80-365 Hand Talley Counter
For keeping accurate count of repeat events, numbers or any activity where an accurate count is essential. Dimensions: 2" x 2"; Weight: 3 oz
$10.28 Add to Cart
Item #12-357 Storm Whistle
This professional lifeguard whistle has such an extremely loud and piercing sound that it can even be heard underwater. Currently used by many U S military units, police departments and emergency and diving operations. Can be blown underwater.
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Item #12-352 "ACME" Thunderer Whistle
Commands attention even in noisy crowds. Made from nickel-plated brass for long life. Weight: 2 oz.
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Item #12-354 Rubber Whistle Tip Guard
Slips over the end of the ACME Thunderer whistle for a soft, comfortable gripping surface. Easily replaceable. Weight: 1 oz.
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Item #12-353 Black Plastic Whistle
This pea-less whistle is a favorite in water activities.
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Item #12-359 Fox 40 Classic
Submersible in water without the possibility of deterioration or failure. This whistle is pea-less and has no moveable parts to obstruct sound.
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Item #12-355 Acme 635 Whistle
Economical and perfect for poolside use with an extremely loud and penetrating sound. Whistle is pea-less.
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Item #12-356 Whistle Lanyards
Made of a sturdy nylon braid with a metal clasp to attach any whistle. Available in blue, black and red. Length: 19"; Weight: 2 oz.
Item #12-362 Breakaway Neck Lanyard
Functional, stylish and safe, these lanyards are made of a sturdy multicolored 15" nylon braid with black slider and black lanyard. Available in red/white/blue, black/blue/red and black.
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Lifeguard Responder Kit

Lifeguard Responder Kit

Heavy-duty nylon fanny pack with three zippered pockets and Velcro® top straps. Included in the kit is an emergency survival blanket, 4” offset bandage compress, rescue breather with gloves and wipes, and a black plastic whistle with lanyard. Water bottle is NOT provided.
Item #12-218 Lifeguard Responder Kit $43.18 Add to Cart
Item #12-219 Fanny Pack Only $12.75 Add to Cart
Thunderstorm Whistle

Windstorm Whistle

This whistle produces a low frequency sound that is a natural solution when safety is a consideration in loud, noisy areas. Test show that whistles producing a low frequency sound are more easily heard when compared to whistles generating high frequency tones.
Item #12-370 Windstorm Whistle $9.90 Add to Cart
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