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Haz-Mat Some of these items are considered hazardous materials and may require special handling and additional shipping charges.
AquataPoxy A-6 Paint

AquataPoxy A-6 Paint

AquataPoxy paints and coatings are known for their extraordinary moisture tolerance that facilitate superior bonding capabilities in difficult field conditions, including underwater applications. All coatings are certified to requirements of ANSI/NSF Standard 61. AquataPoxy A-6 paint is a solvent free, 100% solids, corrosion resistant epoxy coating that can be applied to dry or damp metal or concrete, including underwater. White in color, coverage is 160 square feet per gallon at a 10 mil. thickness.
Item #74-200 AquataPoxy A-6 Paint - Quart Kit
Weight: 2 lbs., 8 oz.
$60.90 Add to Cart
Item #74-202 AquataPoxy A-6 Paint - 2 Gallon Kit
Weight: 11 lbs., 4 oz.
$336.33 Add to Cart
AquataPoxy A-61 Coating

AquataPoxy A-61 Coating

AquataPoxy A-61 coating is a solvent free, 100% solids, high build epoxy coating formulated for broad range corrosion protection and a 5 hour quick return to service. It can be applied to dry, wet or underwater surfaces. White in color, coverage is 20 square feet per gallon at an 80 mil. thickness.
Item #74-208 AquataPoxy A-61 Coating - 1 Gallon Kit $223.20 Add to Cart


This epoxy sealant is recommended for permanent matching of concrete. Perfect for structural cracks, or using as an anchoring compound for diving boards and ladders.
Item #74-970 Pox-O-Fill Gallon $90.65 Add to Cart
Item #74-971 Pox-O-Fill Quart $32.38 Add to Cart
Concrete Patch
Concrete Patch
Concrete Patch is an economical but strong concrete patching compound that can be use aboveground or underwater.
Item #74-973 Concrete Patch Gallon $47.30 Add to Cart


Thermolastic is a flexible polysulfide rubber material used for filling expansion joints in concrete pools and decks. Must cure 5-7 days before painting. Formulated specifically for vertical or horizontal application.
Item #74-932 Thermolastic Thinner
$11.69 Add to Cart
Item #74-930 Thermolastic Gallon $124.88 Add to Cart
Olympic Skid-Mix Non-Skid Additive

Olympic Skid-Mix Non-Skid Additive

Olympic Skid-Mix Non-Skid Additive is a white silica aggregate that is lightly sprinkled on newly painted surfaces (still wet) to help prevent slipping accidents and is used primarily with epoxies on steps and shallow areas where a slipping hazard may exist. Available in a 1-gallon can that holds 12 lbs. of product.
Item #74-978 Olympic Skid-Mix Non-Skid Additive
Shipping Weight: 12 Lbs.
$22.20 Add to Cart
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