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Stainless Steel Recirculation Systems

Each system built custom to your specifications. Please call us at (800)428-3254, or fax us at (800)428-0133.
Pool Recirculation System

Stainless Steel Perimeter Recirculation Systems

The stainless steel perimeter system combines the supply and return functions of the swimming pool recirculation system while forming a smooth, finished "gutter" system around the pool perimeter. All of the functions necessary for a properly operating pool are provided within the gutter system: water supply, return conduit, continuous surface skimming and optional surge control. Leakage from broken pipes, ground movement and settling is eliminated because there are no buried perimeter pipes.

The surface of water is where over 80% of a swimming pool's dirt and bacteria collect. The precision design of stainless steel perimeter systems allows optimal surface skimming not achievable with traditional concrete or field engineered methods. The special in-pool surge storage eliminates the expensive construction of separate surge tanks.

Return water may enter the gutter through a series of skimming weirs spaced around the pool's perimeter, or by overflowing the gutter lip. For normal recreational use, the water level is kept at the center of the skimmer face, allowing the pool to act as a surge chamber, absorbing water displacement caused by swimmers entering the pool.  For competitive use, the water level is raised to just below the gutter lip so that every wave and ripple that flows over the gutter lip is swallowed without rebound.
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