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Each filter is sized to meet your specific application. For additional technical data and pricing information please call (800)428-3254 or (502)456-5706.
Automatic controls are available. Call (800)428-3254/(502)456-5706 for pricing information.
Commercial Pool Sand Filter

Vertical Commercial Hi-Rate Sand Filters

Tank filter vessel is manufactured to ¼" thick carbon steel. Internal filtration system is equipped with factory-installed hand braced internal overdrain and underdrain systems. Standard accessories include influent and effluent gauge panel, automatic air bleeder, backwash sight glass and face piping with butterfly valves and strap legs. Standard coatings include; interior coating of 8-10 mills of Bitumastic super tank solution and an external coating of an industrial grade primer.

A 300 psi rated 11" x 15" manhole complete with a steel cover with lifting handle, gasket, bolts and dual yokes are standard on all tanks and a plated safety chain is bolted from the manhole to the tank body to prevent accidental dropping of the manhole assembly into the tank (exclusive design feature).

The underdrain system and all internal piping are guaranteed for the life of the tank. All tanks receive factory-installed sacrificial anode protection. Tank welders are certified to ASME Standards and produce solid, ridged construction. Each filter tank is hydro tested to 75 psi, one-and-a-half times its designed working pressure of 50 psi.

Also available on these filters is an optional Keysite 740 Epoxy Coating which is applied internal and external to the tank for corrosion protection. All Keysite coatings carry a 15 year limited warranty.

Filter Options Available on All Models:

Item #22-403 3" Single Lever Linkage Control $1,603.98 Add to Cart
Item #22-404 4" Single Lever Linkage Control $1,669.82 Add to Cart
Item #22-406 6" Single Lever Linkage Control $1,741.64 Add to Cart
Item #22-408 8" Single Lever Linkage Control $1,933.16 Add to Cart
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