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Pentair Commercial Pool Heaters

Laars Mega Therm Commercial Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair Commercial Pool Heaters

The Mega Therm Model AP line of swimming pool heaters are energy efficient and compact. They have been especially designed for commercial, institutional and large residential swimming pools where economical performance and rapid heat-up are needed. Mega Therm pool heaters are available in several sizes (for both indoor and outdoor pools) to precisely match any heating requirement with sizing from 500,000 to 5,000,000 BTU/H input. View for specification information for both indoor pool heaters and outdoor pool heaters.  For pricing information or additional technical data please call (800)428-3254 or (502)456-5706.

Primary/Secondary and Control Features:
  • Electronic controller with a solid state sensor and adjustable differential provides accurate temperature control.
  • Preheating inlet water eliminates condensation.
  • Constant velocity in heat exchanger increases tube life.
  • Elimination of diverter valve in pool circulation line results in lower installation and operating costs.
  • Inlet and outlet thermometers with ±1% accuracy allow precise set-up and monitoring of temperature rise.

    Energy Efficiency
    Efficiencies as high as 82% are achieved from the integral finned copper tubes rolled directly into the heater. Conformal heat exchanger baffles and an eight-fins-per-inch tubing maximize combustion heat extraction.

    Design Certification
    Certified by the American Gas Association under ANSI Standard Z21.13 and the Canadian Gas Association. Outdoor pool heaters are certified for use without additional draft diverter or external vent. Indoor units incorporate a built-in draft diverter and require only vent piping.

    Pressure relief valve is ASME rated and is selected to provide discharge capacity in excess of unit heating input. Chassis and jacket parts are made of galvanized steel meeting ASTM standard for G90 coating. Exterior is finished with acrylic paint, thermoset at 325° F (163° C).

    Control system meets ANSI Z21.13 and Canadian Gas Association requirements including automatic temperature control, temperature limit, gas pressure regulator, redundant electric gas valve (optional in Canada), water flow sensing, electronic flame safety supervision and manual gas shut-off valve. The standard control system operates on a 24 VAC with a 120 VAC power supply. Natural gas heaters are equipped with intermittent ignition.

    Working pressure if 160 psi complies with Section IV of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Units are registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, or the applicable Canadian provincial jurisdiction.

    A one-year warranty covers controls, pump, heat exchanger against defects in materials and workmanship. All other parts are warranted for five years from date of purchase.

Optional Controls and Accessories For All Pentair Commercial Pool Heaters:

Item #60-976 Low Water Cut-Off Switch
(manual reset - 160 psi, w.p.)
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