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Purifiber Swimming Pool Filter Aid


Purifiber is an environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable "green" filtering agent. It is a perfect replacement for diatomaceous earth in swimming pool filters. Purifiber is a form of cellulose produced from wood pulp and is non-toxic. Each bag provides instructions for the amount of Purifiber required, depending on the amount surface of your equipment. It has been shown that light coatings are more effective than heavy ones. All Purifiber must ship motor freight.
Item #51-800 Purifiber - 25 lb. bag $62.29 Add to Cart
Item #51-802 Purifiber - 50 lb. bag $125.98 Add to Cart
Item #51-801 Purifiber - skid of (40) 25 lb. bags $2,099.16 Add to Cart
Item #51-803 Purifiber - skid of (20) 50 lb. bags $2,099.58 Add to Cart
      Zeobrite Xtreme Filter Media

Zeobrite Xtreme

Zeobrite Xtreme is a patent pending, NSF certified zeolite product with a positive surface charge that maintains the internal negative charge of the zeolite crystal allowing the zeolite particles to become a dual charge media. This allows Zeobrite Xreme to attract and remove both negative and positive charged particles in the pool water. Independent, third-party testing has shown that Zeobrite Xtreme removes over 90% of suspended particles in the first water-volume turnover. Zeobrite meets industry "green initiatives" by lowering water, chemical and electrical consumption.
Item #21-205 Zeobrite Xtreme
Weight: 50 lbs. box (Ships UPS. Multiple boxes ship motor freight.)
$68.60 Add to Cart
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