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Ramuc Swimming Pool Paints

Haz-Mat Some of these items are considered hazardous materials and may require special handling and additional shipping charges.
Ramuc Swimming Pool Paints

Ramuc Pool Paints

Ramuc swimming pool paints provide dependability and durability as well as beauty on all types of swimming pool surfaces. These paints are available in various formulas types, however, the different types of enamel paints are not interchangeable as is the case with other paints and the same type must be used for repainting. The dissimilar chemical nature of different pool paints may cause injury or compatibility problems.
Aqua Green Dawn Blue Black
(Colors are approximate. Actual paint color will vary.)

Ramuc Type A-2 Chlorinated Paint:

Type A-2 chlorinated paint is VOC compliant in all 50 state. It is a premium chlorinated rubber based pool paint with a semi-gloss finish. Initial/Re-coat coverage: 250/400 sq. ft. per gallon. Thin with Ramuc Thinner.
Item #74-014 Ramuc Type A-2 Chlorinated Pool Paint - 1 gallon $90.18

Ramuc EP Hi Build:

A high solids epoxy swimming pool paint formulated to provide a durable, abrasion-resistant finish. For concrete, plaster, gunite and fiberglass pools, spas, fountains and wave pools. Initial/Re-coat coverage: 75/125 sq. ft. per two gallon kit. Thin with Ramuc Thinner.
Item #74-054 Ramuc EP Hi Build - 2 gallon kit $247.90

Ramuc EP High Gloss Epoxy Paint:

Two component high gloss epoxy with a durable tile-like finish. Excellent hiding qualities. For concrete, plaster and fiberglass. Initial/Re-coat coverage: 175/400 sq. ft. per gallon. Thin with Ramuc Thinner.
Item #74-022 Ramuc Type EP High Gloss Epoxy Paint - 1 gallon
Weight: 12 lb.

Ramuc Type DS Water Base Paint:

Easy to apply water based paint with an egg-shell finish. Soap and water clean-up. For use on most types of painted surfaces in good conditions. Fast drying, tolerates damp surfaces. Initial/Re-coat coverage: 175/350 sq. ft. per gallon. Thin with potable water.
Item #74-050 Ramuc Type DS Water Base Paint - 1 gallon
Weight: 12 lb.

Ramuc Thinner:

Usable on all solvent paints listed above.
Item #74-043 Ramuc Thinner - 1 gallon
Weight: 8 lb.
$27.75 Add to Cart
Ramuc Deck Paint

Ramuc ADC:

This acrylic deck coat provides a fresh, durable finish for concrete decks, patios, shower rooms and other walking areas. Easy to use with soap and water clean-up and dries ready for service in 24 hours. Available in smooth and non-skid finishes.
Dune Shadow Silver Creek
(Colors are approximate. Actual paint color will vary.)
Item #74-805 Ramuc ADC - 1 gallon
Color selected may reflect a change in price. Re-coat coverage is 350 square feet per gallon. Weight: 12 lb.

Item #74-059 Skid-Tex Non-Skid Additive
Weight: 1 lb.
$5.55 Add to Cart

Other Ramuc Products:

Item #74-056 Ramuc Surface Preparation Kit
Kit includes TSP substitute, acid crystals, crack filler and hydraulic patch, all packaged in a two-gallon plastic bucket.
$33.30 Add to Cart
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