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Swimming Pool Safety Covers

How To Get A Quote?
All pool covers are made specifically to fit your swimming pool. Just send us detailed, dimensional information regarding your pool and we will provide you with a quote within 24-48 hours.
Swimming Pool Solid and Mesh Safety Covers 

Secure & Clean Solid Safety Pool Covers

Recreonics, Inc. offers a variety of commercial safety covers to accommodate a wide variety of pool sizes and shapes. All safety covers offered meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91. All covers except for solid covers are available in blue, gray, green or tan colors.

Secur-A-Pool® Mesh Safety Cover (12-Year Limited Warranty)

The Secur-A-Pool® Safety Mesh Cover is recommended for large commercial pools. This cover is made from durable, long-lasting polypropylene mesh fabric and 3-ply polypropylene webbing with a break-strength of nearly 4,000 lbs. These covers ship with standard stainless steel springs, and brass deck anchors, which recess into deck when cover is not in use. The tamper-proof design prevents entry without the installation rod that is also provided. We highly recommend upgrading to the HD commercial springs on all covers over 2,500 square feet.

ProMesh Safety Cover (15-Year Limited Warranty)

The ProMesh Safety Cover is recommended for cover sizes up to 5,000 square feet. The heavy duty ProMesh material is made with a unique weave of polypropylene mesh that blocks out 98% of algae producing UV rays.

Hyperlite™ Solid Safety Cover (15-Year Limited Warranty)

Hyperlite™ Solid Safety Cover is recommended for cover sizes up to 2,100 square feet. Made from PVC coated polyester fabric, which is 30% lighter and 50% stronger than the standard solid covers. Available with (3) drain options to keep water off the cover. These covers ship with HD springs. Available in Blue, Green and Tan.

Safety Cover Accessory and Replacement Items:

Item #62-283 Brass Retainer - only $4.41 Add to Cart
Item #62-278 HD Commercial Cover Spring with Protector $19.17 Add to Cart
Item #62-285 Brass Anchor Screw $3.80 Add to Cart
Item #62-286 Stainless Steel Buckle $2.34 Add to Cart
Item #62-298 2" Brass Safety Cover Anchor - complete $3.75 Add to Cart
Item #62-299 Installation Rod $33.48 Add to Cart
Mesh Pool Safety Cover

Mesh Safety Covers

Swimming pool safety covers protect against unauthorized or accidental pool intrusion. Mesh safety covers have double-reinforced heavy-duty stitching, stainless steel tension springs and polypropylene 2-ply webbing with a minimum break-strength of 2,200 pounds. These pool covers can withstand over 250 lb. per square foot. Automatic, lock-type anchors become flush with deck when the pool cover is removed and pop-up with a half-turn for cover reconnection. Stainless steel lock-springs snap over anchors and require a special installation tool for removal. The poly mesh allows snow and ice to melt through leaving debris on top of the cover to be swept away, reducing maintenance and easing spring clean-up.
Item #62-300 18' x 36' Pool Size Mesh Safety Cover
Weight: 61 lb.
$1,269.37 Add to Cart
Item #62-301 20' x 40' Pool Size Mesh Safety Cover
Weight: 67 lb
$1,405.43 Add to Cart
Item #62-302 25' x 50' Pool Size Mesh Safety Cover
Weight: 125 lb.
$2,146.70 Add to Cart
Item #62-303 30' x 60' Pool Size Mesh Safety Cover
Weight: 161 lb.
$2,525.10 Add to Cart
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