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Haz-Mat Some of these items are considered hazardous materials and may require special handling and additional shipping charges.
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GLB Pool Chemicals

Great Lakes Biochemicals is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Use GLB chemicals to develop a water care maintenance program that is sure and easy.

Shock Treatment/Water Brighteners:

Item #51-201 Oxy-Brite - 5 lb. bottle
This non-chlorine shock creates sparkling water and shock treats all in one step. Effective in chlorine and bromine pools. Allows for swimming immediately after application.
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Item #51-202 Oxy-Brite - 20 lb. pail $123.31 Add to Cart
Item #51-203 Oxy-Brite - 50 lb. pail $287.07 Add to Cart
Item #51-204 Oxy-Brite - 100 lb. drum $511.46 Add to Cart
Item #51-210 Clear Blue - 1 qt. bottle
Just a small amount of this super-concentrated formula adds sparkle while removing particles that dull pool water. A one-ounce dose treats up to 5,000 gallons.
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Item #51-211 Clear Blue - 1 gal. bottle $48.43 Add to Cart

Stain Prevention/Mineral Control:

Item #51-230 Sequa-Sol - 1 qt. bottle
Sequa-Sol sequestering agents holds iron, manganese, copper and calcium is solution so these minerals do not react with other elements in the water.
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Item #51-231 Sequa-Sol - 1 gal. bottle $62.77 Add to Cart

Algae Control:

Item #51-240 Algimycin "2000" - 1 qt. bottle
This E.P.A. registered algaecide is so powerful it kills, prevents and controls black, green and yellow algae.
$25.89 Add to Cart
Item #51-241 Algimycin "2000" - 1 gal. bottle $93.07 Add to Cart
Item #51-242 Algae X - 1 qt. bottle
A long lasting, non-foaming and non-toxic 30% polymer algaecide, excellent in treating black algae.
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Item #51-243 Strike Out - 1 qt. bottle
Chelated copper non-staining and non-foaming algaecide. Especially effective in treating mustard algae.
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Surface Cleaners:

Item #51-250 TLC - 1 qt. bottle
Removes oil, grime and mineral scale from common pool surfaces such as tile, vinyl and concrete.
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Item #51-251 TLC - 1 gal. bottle $40.47 Add to Cart
Item #51-265 Cover Care
Cleans, deodorizes and protects winter and solar covers.
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Filter Cleaners:

Item #51-271 Filter Cleanse
This multipurpose granular formulation cleans and unclogs filters of grease, oils and scale with a unique combination of acids and detergents.
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Item #51-280 Filter Fresh - 1 qt. bottle
This specially developed acid-based liquid cartridge cleaner removes debris with its overnight soak and rinse formula.
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Item #51-281 Filter Fresh - 1 gal. bottle $44.27 Add to Cart

Spa/Hot Tub Sanitizers:

Item #51-300 Enhance - 1 qt. bottle
The Enhance/Activate System is a two-part system. By using Activate, Enhance liquid bromine salts are "activated" into bromine.
$14.83 Add to Cart
Item #51-301 Enhance - 1 gal. bottle $48.20 Add to Cart
Item #51-320 Activate - 5 lb. bottle $40.68 Add to Cart
Item #51-321 Activate - 20 lb. pail $142.61 Add to Cart
Item #51-330 Spa Clarifier - 1 qt. bottle
Restores sparkle to dull water.
$11.87 Add to Cart

Spa/Hot Tub Stain & Scale Protection:

Item #51-310 Protect Plus - 1 qt. bottle
This liquid concentrate suspends and inactivates stain and scale causing minerals found in spa water. Protect Plus protects spa equipment against stain and scale formation.
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Spa Foam Control:

Item #51-340 Foam Out - 1 qt. bottle
Rids spa of foam caused by a concentration of body oils and other minerals.
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Natural Clear Enzyme Action Scum Remover:

Item #51-500 Natural Clear - 1 qt. bottle
Environmentally friendly, this is an natural biodegradable water cleanser. It's new, more concentrated enzyme formula rids pools of organics that cause odor and scum lines.
$11.03 Add to Cart
Item #51-501 Natural Clear - 1 gal. bottle $37.02 Add to Cart


Item #51-502 Drop-N-Vac - 1 qt. bottle
Clears pool water overnight by dropping debris to pool bottom to be vacuum.
$16.30 Add to Cart
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