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Aquatic Footwear and Fins Speedo Ear and Nose Protection for Swimmers

Speedo Products are available for sale only in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Speedo Optimus Training Fins

Optimus Training Fins

This fins has an angled blade balances propulsion while maintaining kicking and stroke tempo and a soft orthopedic foot pocket for comfortable extended use. Allows natural flow of flutter kick. Made of natural rubber. Color pattern may vary.
Item #96-240 Optimus Training Fins $29.07
Speedo Power Swim Fins

Speedo Power Fins

A versatile, long-blade fin for training, teaching and recreation. This swim fin has a Soft TPR foot pocket for comfort and secure fit and Acceler Rib blade technology for enhanced propulsion and performance. Available in sizes XXS (3-4) to XXL (12-13).
Item #96-300 Speedo Power Fins $34.43
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