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StrechCordz StrechCordz On sale

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Original StrechCordz
Item #95-115 StrechCordz with Handles StrechCordz On sale
The original dry-land training device, used for curls, tricep extensions, flies and lat pulls to enhance speed, endurance and swim stroke. Features (2) 4' tubes with handles and combination mounting loop. Available in three resistance levels.
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StrechCordz Modular Set
Item #95-116 StrechCordz Modular Set StrechCordz On sale
StrechCordz Modular Set is a complete dryland swim training set usuable almost anywhere for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhand raises, proper hip rotation and stroke efficiency to enhance overall performance through resistance. Features a pair of interchangeable handles, paddles, adjustable leg straps and 4' tubing with mounting straps and carry bag.
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StrechCordz Long Belt
Item #95-118 StrechCordz Long Belt Slider StrechCordz On sale
StrechCordz long belt is number one in-water resistance product used for resisted swim out and speed-assisted swim back exercises to accelerate quicker strengthening the finish of each stroke and improve times. Running the entire length of the tube is our safety cord which adds security in the event of breakage. 18 to 24 lbs. pull.
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StrechCordz Short Belt
Item #95-117 StrechCordz Short Belt StrechCordz On sale
The strechCordz short belt is used for push-off and stationary swimming to enhance endurance and strength for all swimmers. It provides 20 to 45 pounds of resistance.
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StrechCordz with Paddles
Item #95-122 StrechCordz with Paddles StrechCordz On sale
StrechCordz with Paddles is the number one dryland resistance product designed to emulate a swimming pull. Improves IM times and trains swimmers to keep their hands in a flat relaxed position. Used by the U.S. Olympic swim team and swimmers worldwide. It features (2) 4' dedicated tubes with paddles and combination mounting loop
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StrechCordz Breastroke Machine
Item #95-123 StrechCordz Breaststroke Machine StrechCordz On sale
StrechCordz Breaststroke Machine is used for both outward and inward sweep in breaststroke pull to strengthen muscles and increase power. Each paddle has two tubes and four attachment points. Inside mounted tubes are 27" long and the outside mounted tubes are 42" long.
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