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Recreonics Swim Goggles 

Recreonics Swim Goggles:

Item #92-252 Flipper Goggle
Wide angle vision, low drag profile, soft cushion seal. Comes in aqua and smoke.
$6.81 Add to Cart
Item #92-250 Aquamate Goggle
Great racing goggle, great for youths, great vision. Comes in clear and smoke.
$6.36 Add to Cart
Item #92-120 Deluxe Goggle
Low profile, low drag design with comfortable spongex rim. Comes in amber, smoke and blue.
$5.68 Add to Cart
Item #92-254 Striker Goggle
Wide angle vision, low drag design with hypo-allergenic poly seal. Comes in blue and smoke.
$9.52 Add to Cart
Finis Swimmer's Snorkel

Finis Swimmers Snorkel

The swimmers snorkel allows swimmers to swim with ease and not lifting or turning their head to breath. This snorkel goes over the top of the head and does not pull at the side of the head as you glide through the water
Item #92-916 Finis Swimmers Snorkel $40.80 Add to Cart
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