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Swim Training Equipment

Swim Trainer
Item #92-175 Swim Trainer
This indestructible PVC/Polyethylene trainer provides unique total floatation for swimming instruction. Makes lessons fun for young children and provides an interesting in training routines for competitive swimmers. Dimensions: Floats 7" x 7", 30" long; Wt: 1 lb., 6 oz.
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Underwater Swim Mirror

Underwater Swim Mirror

The underwater swim mirror provides instant feedback on your stroke technique. It is made out of reinforced polished aluminum and has corner holes to hang vertically at the end of the pool to provide feedback during flip turns.
Item #92-905 Underwater Swim Mirror
Dimensions: 43.5" l x 28" w
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Super Swim

Super Swim

Super Swim makes any pool seem as big as the ocean and offers the ultimate water workout, proven by coaches across the country.
Item #92-600 Super Swim with Aluminum In Deck Base
Dimensions: 7' Pole; Weight: 8 lbs.
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Item #92-602 Super Swim with Portable Water Base
Dimensions: 7' pole; Weight: 34 lbs.
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Dive Brick

Dive Brick

Specially designed for swim training or recreation.
Item #92-260 Dive Brick
Rubber covered dive brick will not harm pool bottom or sides. Dimensions: 10" x 4" x 2"; Weight: 10 lb.
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