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Underwater Pool Games

Rotten Egg Game
Item #94-028 Rotten Egg Game
Great fun for kids. Eggs are made of heavy plastic with permanent numbered chips inside. Weight: 1 lb.
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Dolphin Underwater Slalom
Item #94-014 Dolphin Underwater Slalom Game
Build a slalom course with these 3 colorful rings. Rings can be adjusted for height and distance. Dimension: 24" dia.; Weight: 3 lbs.
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Dive Rings   Dive Discs
Item #94-013 Dive Rings
Specially weighted to stand upright on pool bottom. Diver picks up rings, scoring points for each one retrieved. The 6 1/12" rings are brightly colored and highly visible underwater. Set of 6. Weight: 2 lbs.
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Item #94-029 Dive Rings
Set of 4. Weight: 2 lbs.
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Item #94-024 Dive Discs
Throw Dive Discs into the pool and they drift their way to the bottom. Dive and catch them before they land or get them off the bottom. Discs are made of non-corrosive plastic with brightly colored numbers. Set of 6. Dimensions: 5" diameter; Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz
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Rainbow Reef Fish   Rainbow Reef Turtle
Item #94-037 Rainbow Reef Fish
The original swimming fish with pool party style. Requires (2) AAA batteries, not included. Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
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Item #94-038 Rainbow Reef Turtle
Realistic swimming action with bobbing heads. Requires (2) AAA batteries, not included. Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
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Soft Animal Rings
Item #94-034 Soft Animal Rings
Set of (4) 6" diameter multicolored, soft, flexible molded latex animals. Helps develop water confidence. Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
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Squidivers Underwater Toys
Item #94-026 Squidivers - 3 pack
These soft, flexible dive toys are easy to grab for beginning swimmers. Multiple games can be played with these toys. Appropriate for ages 5 and older.
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Toypedo Underwater Pool Toy
Item #94-016 Toypedo
Glides underwater up to 30 feet.
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Item #94-020 Toypedo Bandits
Half the size of the original Toypedo. Glides underwater up to 20 feet. Set of 4.
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Fish Styx
Item #94-036 Fish Styx
Kids giggle as these dive sticks wiggle and wiggle. Super flexible diving fish sink to the bottom of the pool. Set of 3.
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Speedo Swim Level 3 Developing Technique

Speedo's Begin To Swim ® Level 3 Swim Toys

Speedo's Begin To Swim ® Level 3 swim toys help children develop independent swimming skills.
Item #94-176 Pool Prints Feet
Pool Prints can be arranged to create games, paths and more. Retrievable shapes encourage underwater diving, retrieving and breath control. Mini suction cups hold prints to pool tiles and smooth surfaces.
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Item #94-174 Pool Prints Hands $17.11 Add to Cart
Item #94-172 Dive Jacks
Dive Jacks are flexible, silicone water toys in bright, highly visible colors that link together to create chains and loops. Perfect for building level 3 diving and retrieving skills.
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