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Underwater Pool Games

Giant Water  Batons
Item #94-025 Giant Water Batons
These water baton batons feature a new child safe design and float at a 45° angle on pool bottom. Made of non-corrosive PVC tubing with sift vinyl end caps. Set of 6 numbered batons. Weight: 2 lbs.
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Rotten Egg Game
Item #94-028 Rotten Egg Game
A sink and dive game for the whole family. Eggs are made of heavy plastic with permanent numbered chips inside. Game directions included. Weight: 1 lb.
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Dolphin Underwater Slalom
Item #94-014 Dolphin Underwater Slalom Game
Build a slalom course with these 3 colorful rings. Rings can be adjusted for height and distance. Dimension: 24" dia.; Weight: 3 lb.
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Dive Rings
Item #94-013 Dive Rings
Specially weighted to stand upright on pool bottom. Diver picks up rings, scoring points for each one retrieved. The 6 1/12" rings are brightly colored and highly visible underwater. Set of 6. Weight: 2 lb.
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Item #94-029 Dive Rings
Set of 4. Weight: 2 lb.
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Toypedo Underwater Pool Toy
Item #94-016 Toypedo
Glides underwater up to 30 feet.
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Item #94-020 Toypedo Bandits
Half the size of the original Toypedo. Glides underwater up to 20 feet. Set of 4.
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Sardines Dive Games
Item #94-012 Sardines Dive Game
Sardine soft dive sticks come in their own plastic can.
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