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Underwater Platforms

Underwater Swim Training Platform

Underwater Platform

Swimming pools designed for adults and competitive swimming can create a difficult environment for teaching young children how to swim. The Recreonics underwater platform enhances student confidence and security by reducing water depth and providing a railing to hold onto. The underwater platform is free standing and sits on the pool bottom on risers that fill with sand (not included). Requires two people, 15 - 20 minutes to setup and remove the platform from the pool. "L" shaped PVC railing surrounds two side of the platform. Dimensions: 40" x 60"
Item #46-730.PLTFM Underwater Platform
12" water depth decrease. Weight: 150 lb. (4 boxes)
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Item #46-731.PLTFM Underwater Platform
15" water depth decrease. Weight: 150 lb. (4 boxes)
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Item #46-732.PLTFM Underwater Platform
18" water depth decrease. Weight: 185 lb. (5 boxes)
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Swim Teaching Platform

Swim Teaching Platform

The Swim Teaching Platform is a standing deck designed for teaching swim lessons in deeper water. It creates a raised, sturdy, non-slip surface, making learning a safe and enjoyable experience. Railings create a safe and clear distinction between teaching areas and can be connected to create larger platforms. The legs of the platform can be field cut to accommodate varying swimming pool depths. It is constructed of uniquely molded fiberglass and is built to withstand chlorine and sun damage. Comes with wheels for easy storage. Light enough to be moved by one person. Assembly and a dimensional chart comes with each unit.
Item #46-716 Swim Teaching Platform
Pictured Above.
Dimensions: 43.3" w x 70.85" l
Height (floor to Top of Handrail): 80"
Shipping Weight: 85 lbs. (Motor Freight)
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Item #46-715 Small Swim Teaching Platform
Dimensions: 43.3" w x 47.25" l
Height (floor to Top of Handrail): 71"
Shipping Weight: 52 lbs. (Motor Freight)
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Portable Swim Station

Portable Swim Station

The swim station helps build confidence in young swimmers and accelerates learning time. It is brightly colored so that young swimmers can clearly see the edges of the platform and has height adjustable legs to aid in the training of various age groups. The swim station features an innovated linking system for linking 2 or more station together and a modular rail system with multiple configurations possibilities. Made from powdered-coated, anodized, aircraft quality aluminum with UV resistant PVC edging to prevent damaged to the station or the pool. All exposed surfaces will resist corrosion when exposed to pool areas. Includes 2 rails, 1 long and 1 short. Additional railings are available.
Item #46-733 Portable Swim Station
Dimensions: 60" w x 38" depth; height adjustable from 12" to 16". Weight: 50 lbs.
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Item #46-733.SR Optional Side Rail
Weight: 8 lbs.
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Item #46-733.FR Optional Front Rail
Weight: 11 lbs.
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Stainless Steel Teaching Platform

Stainless Steel Teaching Platform

Adjustable height stainless steel teaching platform is a great instructional aid for young swimmers and their instructor. It can be adjusted in 2" increments from 18" to 26" above the pool floor. Platform deck is made of white, non-skid, resin coated-fiberglass reinforced "T" bar grating. Platform frame is T-304 stainless steel with all "worked area" electro-chemically passivated stainless steel. Adjustable legs have white rubber bumpers.
Item #46-735 Stainless Steel Teaching Platform
Dimensions: 60" w x 39" deep; Weight: 185 lbs.
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Swim Station

Swim Station

The Swim Station is incredibly strong, lightweight, versatile and easy on your budget. Helping to build confidence in young swimmers, this platform opens up many possibilities for swimming games, drills and skills while maintaining interest levels of young swimmers. Simply flipping the platform over provides 2 teaching heights to quickly adjust for different age groups. Fabricated out of construction grade fluted PVC with an aluminum sub-frame and textured plastic for sure footing.
Item #46-717 Swim Station
Dimensions: 32" w x 54" x 14"/20" h
Shipping Weight: 75 lbs.
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