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Underwater Speakers

Complete Underwater Sound System

Complete In-Wall Niche Package

This complete underwater speaker system installs flush into concrete and gunite pool walls during construction and includes speaker 50' attached cable, stand, niche, grille, transformer and installation instructions.
- Niche - 10" x 8"; Weight: 5 lbs.
- Grille - 10.5" dia.; Weight: 0.6 lb.
- Speaker - 9" dia. x 6" axial; Weight: 12 lbs.
- Transformer - 6" x 3.6" x 2.4"; Weight: 3 lbs.
- Stand - Weight: 1 lb.
Item #92-718 Complete In-Wall Niche Package $1,713.14 Add to Cart
Underwater Speakers

Underwater Speaker

Ideal for providing background music for synchronized and recreational swimming, these speakers feature omni-directional sound dispersion, 8 ohms operating impedance, 30 watt power, 100 - 10,000 hertz frequency response and 50' 3-wire connector cable. Speaker installs flush with pool wall in a underwater niche and has a protective grill. Easily adaptable to existing pools with a totally encapsulated cycolac design that will not leak and are corrosion and electrolysis proof.
Item #92-711 Underwater Speaker
Dimensions: 7 3/16" dia.; Weight: 4 lbs.
$803.45 Add to Cart
Item #92-711.N Underwater Speaker Niche
Dimensions: 9 ½" dia. x 5 7/8" d; Weight: 10 lbs.
$508.12 Add to Cart
Item #92-711.G Underwater Protective Grille
Made of stainless steel. Dimensions: 10" dia.; Weight: 5 lbs.
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Oceanears Underwater Speaker

Oceanears Underwater Speaker

This long life speaker is made of PVC and epoxy and will not rust or corrode, even if used in salt water as no metal is exposed. Includes transformer and 50' cable. Speaker carries a two year warranty.
Item #92-730 Oceanears Underwater Speaker
Dimensions: 8.5" dia. x 1.8" axial; Weight: 7 lbs.
$1,097.10 Add to Cart
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