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Water Flow Control

Griswold Automatic Flow Regulator

Griswold Automatic Flow Regulator

These unique wafer style hi-flow stainless steel cartridge flow controllers will control incoming flows up to 8,250 gallons per minute and were designed specifically for commercial pool applications. Installed on the discharge side of the pump, they automatically regulate water flow. Standard valve body is constructed of ductile iron. An epoxy-coated corrosion resistant finish to the valve body is optionally available. Specific system flow rate at time of order.
Item #32-318 Direct Mount Meter Kit
Used to determine flow variations.
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Flow Switch

Flow Switch

Flow switches have wide application in swimming pool engineering. The switch can be used on no flow to actuate a relay or give a signal to shut off the pump. Flow switches are of the used to ensure that adequate flow exists before heaters, chlorinators and other devices are brought on line. For pipes up to 6" in diameter. 120 volt. Weight: 1 lb., 10 oz.
Item #32-530 Flow Switch, SPDT $234.68 Add to Cart
Mercoid Switch

Mercoid Vacuum Limit Switch

Designed to open the pump circuit, thus shutting off the pump, when the vacuum limit is exceeded (normally 15" Hg vacuum) or when vacuum suction is broken due to low water in the filter tank. Adjustment ranges, or set points, are variable over the entire scale (2" - 3" Hg). Weight: 2 lb., 2 oz.
Item #32-114 Mercoid Vacuum Limit Switch $618.03 Add to Cart
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