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Bring the thrill and challenege of organized water sports to your pool. Learn about organized
     AquaGames (WAGA) events or create
     your own friendly
Wibit Aquagame System - Inflatable Challenge Course for Commercial Swimming Pools

Wibit Modular Inflatable Combinations

Wibit modular inflatables are configurable in any layout, allowing you to create the activities and games of your choosing so they meet your customer's interests and your facility's needs. The following standard inflatable systems are popular for pool and resort use.
Item #94-880 AquaTrackWibit AquaTrack Inflatable Combination

Includes: (1) base, (1) ramp, (1) bridge,
(1) cliff, (1) slope, (1) pond, electric pump,
(1) hand pump.
Requires a minimum water depth of 5'4".

Inflated Dimens: 54'1" l x 6'-6" w x 4'-9" h
Inflation Time: 20 minutes
Shipping Dimens: 42 cub. ft./6 cartons
Shipping Weight: 521 lbs.

On your mark, get set...have fun! Think of it as a floating obstacle course. Fits into most pools, easy to assemble and allows for endless combinations. Balance, coordination, motor function, on the AquaTrack every skill is required.
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Item #94-882 AquArena with OvalWibit AquArena Inflatable Combination

Includes: (1) oval, (1) long jump, (1) podium
(1) balance beam, (1) high jump, (1) Ramp,
(1) electric pump, (1) hand pump.
Requires a minimum water depth of 5'9".

Inflated Dimens: 33'-8" l x 43'-0" w x 9'-2" h
Inflation Time: 20 minutes
Shipping Dimens: 35.3 cub ft/6 cartons
Shipping Weight: 515 lbs.

The right combination for an unlimited number of AquaGames disciplines. High Jump, Long Jump, or AquaDuel - All the necessary elements for a real aquatic sporting competition. Honor your winners on the Podium for a ceremony no one will ever forget.
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Item #94-886 AquaDuelWibit AquaDuel Inflatable Combinations

Includes: (1) balance beam, (1) slope,
(1) ramp.
Requires a minimum water depth of 5'6".

Inflated Dimens: 34'-4" l x 6'-6" w x 4'-9"h
Inflations Time: 10 minutes
Shipping Dimens: 14 cub ft/3 cartons
Shipping Weight: 257 lbs.

Take the challenge - hand to hand combat. Win or plunge into the cold water. An official WAGA discipline the AquaDuel will test your strength,speed and agility. Use as a race course and try to beat your best time. Prepare to get wet!
$5,095.00 Add To Cart
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