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Wibit Play Products Safety Features Wibit Giant Modular Pool Inflatables

Please ask for you own copy of the Wibit Safety Guide.

Wibit Safety Guide Pamplet ... What to look for when buying commercial grade inflatable porducts

Safety, Safety, Safety: Three Things You Will Always Find in a Wibit Product!

Wibit modular and stand alone play products are designed and engineered not only to be fun, they are also designed with your swimming pool patron's safety in mind. Safety is a key issue for all inflatable products used in commercial environments. It is costly too, so many manufacturer's are reluctant to invest in the many safety features Wibit has.

All Wibit products comply to the newest, state of the art safety standards recognized worldwide. Classification, materials, test methods, consumer information, and specific safety requirements all in accordance with European Norm: EN 15649 that clearly defines minimum water depth, entrapment hazards, correct working pressure, etc. For guidlines when buying commercial grade inflatable products see our safety guide.

Wibit Modular and Stand Alone Products Safety Checklist:

What to look look for when buying commercial grade pool inflatable products

Entrapment Hazards

Entrapment hazards, such as a child's ankle getting caught can occur with grab or climbing handles if the open space between the unit and the handle is too large. This gap should not be greater than 1.2".

Ultra Strong Grab Handles

Wibit Inflatables have ultra strong grab handles for steadiness and stability while climbing on and around the inflatable units.

Certified Safety Standards

Inflatables certified to international safety standards ensure that proper testing and compliance with standards have been met. Wibit Inflatables are German TUV certified, conforming to state of the art Safety Norm EN 15649.

Reinforced Welded Seams

A 4 layer seam of 32 oz. (1,100g) thick commercial grade PVC system make Wibit Inflatables strong and durable to protect against bursting or ruptures.

Graphical Warning Information

Graphical warning symbols printed direct on the inflatable clearly and quickly advise users and operators of load capacity, place of use, risk hazards, performance and other relevant safety information.

Minimum Water Depth

Calculation of the minimum water depth required for usage is based on a certified formula that correlates with the height of the inflatable, and this minimum depth requirement is shown on the inflatable and in owner's manual.

Pressure Gauge (Manometer)

The Wibit Ramp inflatable and those units that come with an electric pump also come with a manometer to ensure the correct inflation is maintained as under/over inflation will result in dangerous in-water performance and create hazards.

Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve prevents over inflation of the inflatable and is included with certain modular units.

Safety Cover Flaps

When one inflatable unit is connected to another the gap between the units should not be wider than 1" (2.5cm) and a safety cover flap should be used to avoid entanglement of body parts.

Extra Wide Safety Pad

The safety pad prevent users from colliding into any metal parts and should be at least twice the length of the spring. Wibit exceeds that minimum requirement with a safety pad width of 27.5"(springs are 8.5 inches long).

Locking Inflation Valve

Wibit Inflatables have a secure, locking inflation valves that prevent unintentional opening of the valve and a sudden collaspe of the unit. The valve cap is rounded so as not to become an entrapment risk.

Secure Anchoring Options

Specific anchoring options for the intended use. Wibit Inflatables are equipped with various anchoring attachments to which an anchoring rope keeps the floating unit in position and a safe distance (10' or 3m) from solid objects, such as the pool edge.

Detailed Instructions

Each Wibit Inflatable comes with an instruction manual that clearly shows how to assemble and disassemble the unit, and provides servicing information and warning instuctions. A repair kit is included with this manual.
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