The Importance Of Swim Racing Lanes

May 21, 2018 - Recreonics

Most swimmers would say that the lanes lines in the pool are only good for swimmers to hang on, but Competitor Swim knows there is much more to their swim racing lanes than just that! Competitor Swim has been the leader of racing lane technology since 1960, and is the official swim racing lane supplier to the NCAA and USA Swimming. Competitor swim lanes have been used in 10 of the last 13 Olympic games.

Competitor swim racing lines are comprised of discs and donuts with flow through technology that allows for turbulence control the entire length of the lane, eliminating dead spots and water bounce-back. This provides a faster swim environment by limiting drag and by assuring the most effective use of the swimmers energy. Each lane is made up of a series of polyethylene discs and donuts assembled on a vinyl coated 3/16ths inch stainless steel cable, preventing rusting of the cable. Each individual disc in turn consists of a series of 5 fins projecting from a center hub. Midway on the length of the disc hub is a radially extended web member, which supports an annular-section ring-shaped flanges in co-axial relationship with the central bore. To assist in damping the longitudinal wave forces, the web member is formed with a multiplicity of circular openings. The web in conjunction with the multiple fins combine to impede, aerate, dampen and break up the other. Both the web and the fins functions are very important in that most waves will not intersect the lane in a perpendicular manner. Each disc is designed to rotate independently of the others allowing the swimmers wake energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the channel provided within the lane. This feature allows for a consistency of wave quelling from one lane to another, a unique feature not found in other products on the market.

Competitor Swim 6   Competitor Swim 4

    Competitor swim racing lanes are fully assembled with discs of either 4″ or 6″ diameter.

  • 6″ Gold Medal racing lanes dampen waves 70% more than the 4″ discs and are used more often by high-level competitive aquatic facilities, such as college and Olympic swimming pools.
  • 4″ swim racing lanes are less expensive and easier to store, making them ideal for parks and recreation facilities such as the YMCA.

Competitor® is set apart from other companies for more than their impressive resume of clientele. They manufacture the longest lasting swim racing lanes by injecting each disc with Lifespan+™, a protective formula with cutting-edge polymer stabilization and highly durable pigments, substantially increasing the durability of racing lanes in harsh pool environments. This new formula came from months of testing and a partnership with the University of Akron Institute of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, and A. Schulman, a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins. Together Competitor, Akron Institute, and A. Schulman tested all racing lane discs available in the marketplace. During testing, they baked these discs to simulate the harsh pool conditions. Tests results proved that a Competitor lane will last double the amount of time over the industry average before it starts to deteriorate.

Competitor Swim racing lanes last 205% longer than the average swim racing lane.
Competitor Swim racing lanes last 205% longer than the average swim racing lane.

“We are grateful for the hard work the University of Akron and A. Schulman put forth to help us enhance our product.” Said Competitor Swim President Brad Underwood. “They share our commitment to research and development. Our customers can continue to trust us for durability and unmatched performance.”

Competitor Swim’s knowledge and customer service is unparalleled. They mold and assemble more racing lanes than any other manufacturer using only American-made components and ship them in three days! They have also developed an online easy-to-use ordering tool – The Lane Wizard – that walks you through five easy steps to customizing and ordering your lane line, and allowing you to instantly see all the different color possibilities.

It is usual for the first 15-meters of both ends of your swim racing lane to be one solid color, and in fact, by ruling body standards, this must be the case if your lines are going to be used for competition. The 15 meter mark of the racing lane, also called the resurfacing mark or backstroke mark, is where the swimmer must resurface before touching the wall, and where the disc and donut colors will alternate ever foot, unless you specified another color pattern.

Before you order your Competitor® racing lane, you will need to confirm the length of your pool. Swim lanes are built from wall to wall, where the swimmer touches. Most common pools measure 75′, 25 meters and 50 meters. Competitor swim racing lanes are also available in 60′ length, and with disconnects on the line so they can be shortened to length. Do not include gutters in measuring for your swim lane line. If your swimming pool has gutters you will need use extension hooks.

Order your Competitor® swim lines, and other Competitor Swim products, today from Recreonics—Your Aquatic Authority.

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