Maxi-Sweep Pool-Fountain Portable Vacuum – A Proven Cleaning Solution

August 22, 2018 - Recreonics

The manually operated, self-sufficient Maxi-Sweep pool and fountain portable vacuum system is an excellent cleaning solution for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as large fountains. The system does not require use of in-pool cleaning or filtration systems, eliminating approximately two-thirds of an aquatic facility’s backwashing requirements through vacuuming. When the in-pool cleaning and filtration system is used to vacuum and clean the pool, thousands of gallons of chemically treated water are wasted, and sent down the drain with hundreds of dollars in utility bills. With Maxi-Sweep portable vacuums, all filtered and cleaned water is returned back into the pool so nothing is wasted. A Maxi-Sweep system is great to have on standby in case of mechanical failures in the pool’s in-pool filtration systems. It can also be used to expedite fast pool draining for repairs or acid washing.

The wide path and powerful suction of the Maxi-Sweep allows for easy and efficient pool cleaning. A uniquely designed vacuum cleaning head comes in widths of 30″, 36″ and 42″, complete with wheels for easy gliding across the pool bottom. Maxi-Sweep filters at a rate of 8,000 gallons per hour through a 225 square foot cartridge filter. The Maxi-Sweep comes complete with a hair and lint pot in addition to the filter to catch the debris that collects at the bottom of the pool, and it’s all mounted on a light-weight corrosion resistant aluminum cart.

Recreonics carries five models of the Maxi-Sweep Portable Vacuum:

These vacuum models are easy to prime and use. Part-time staff and lifeguards can easily be taught to operate any Maxi-Sweep model.

  • For indoor swimming pools, only the two standard Maxi-Sweep Electric models and the Little Electric are recommended. The two standard electric models, with 50′ cord or 100′ cord, have a 2 horse power self-priming pump and come with an O.S.H.A approved Twist-Lock® plug. The only difference between the two standard electric units is the cord length.
    The Maxi-Sweep Little Electric is the smallest of the three electric models. It has a 50′ cord and comes with a 14″ and 24″ wide vacuum head. With its smaller, compact size the Little Electric has a 1 horse power pump, filtering 6,240 gallons per hour, making it perfect for small pools and fountains.
  • For outdoor pools, you can use any electric Maxi-Sweep models or the two gas powered Maxi-Sweep Honda’s. They feature the same 225 square foot cartridge filter, corrosion-resistant aluminum cart, and 8,000 gallons per hour, but include either a 4.0 horse power or 5.5 horse power gas-powered aluminum engine. Gas powered models can only be used outside and you will not have to worry about cord reach or outdoor electrical outlets.

Also, it is important to note that the National Electrical Code requires that ground fault interruption (GFI) protection be provided for outlets around swimming pool areas. GFI’s protect from electric shock by interrupting the flow of electricity from ‘hot’ and neutral wires. The GFI is designed to detect currents of a few millampere and trip a breaker at the receptacle or at the breaker panel to remove the shock hazard.

All Maxi-Sweep electric models require GFI protection. It is very important to provide a dedicated outlet with the proper breaker size for the electric units.

All Maxi-Sweep vacuum system come with (1) 2″ x 50′ H.D. vacuum hose, (1) 8′-24′ telescopic pole, and two 8′ extension poles. Light-weight, corrosion resistant aluminum cart and stainless steel poles are designed for maximum life-span. Please specify vacuum head size and voltage when ordering.

You can also purchase replacement filters cartridges from Recreonics to replace the cartridges in your Maxi-Sweep unit. It is always recommended to keep on spare set of cartridges on hand at all times.

Individual components carry a one year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Purchase your Maxi-Sweep unit today to save thousands on water, chemicals, and energy. Recreonics stocks many of these Max-Sweep models and have them available to ship within 24-hours. Even facilities with automatic pool cleaners and in-pool filtration systems can benefit from the easy-to-use strength of the Maxi-Sweep.

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