PEM “Spaghetti Noodle” Aquatic Matting

July 26, 2018 - Recreonics

Reduce injury-related risks and enhance your aquatic facility’s appearance with PEM aquatic matting. This durable poly-extruded matting features a looping design of soft and durable PVC for maximum comfort and sure footing. The porosity of the material allows moisture to flow through, eliminating standing water, and it cleans easily with simple sweeping or wash down with a hose. PEM aquatic matting also includes an antimicrobial that guards against the growth of mildew, fungi and bacteria.

PEM Aquatic Matting
“Spaghetti Noodle”

The “Spaghetti Noodle” drain-through matting design was first conceived in 1996 by Bob Amelung, founder of PEM, when he used it to cover his own wooden residential deck for protection from splinters. He found that this matting was not only perfect for protecting bare feet, but it was also safe, slip resistant and drained well. Seeing a potential for this floor covering material, Amelung took it to a local YMCA and a golf course to test its usability in wetter, high traffic areas. The feedback was astounding! PEM is now a long time supplier of USA Swimming and made its USA Swimming debut at the 2004 US Olympic Swimming Team Trials in Long Beach, CA. The matting provided a high-contrast, vibrant background for television audiences, satisfying the facility’s need for an aesthetically pleasing surface to cover the existing pool deck. The bold blue of PEM’s aquatic matting has become a visual trade-mark at many USA Swimming televised events, including the Conoco Phillips National Championships, Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool, as well as past U.S. Olympic Trials.

PEM Light Weight Aquatic Matting used as Runners PoolsidePEM Light Weight Aquatic Matting used as Area Mat in Locker Room ShowerAquatic matting comes in two thicknesses, depending on the need for permanent or moveable floor covering. The lightweight matting measures 1/4″ thick and is the thinner and easier to handle. It can be easily rolled up and laid out, and cleans quickly. Lightweight aquatic matting is ideal for area mats and runners in slick areas such as bathrooms and hallways. Lightweight matting is also utilized in many swim meets and competitions as it allows for quick set-up and tear down.

PEM’s unique PVC design is extremely weather-able, able to withstand -35° to 180° – perfect for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Available in six colors.

PEM Aquatic Matting thickness comparison and weave close-up viewHigh traffic matting is the thicker of PEM’s two matting products, measuring 3/8″, and is especially designed for use at large aquatic facilities with consistently large crowds. The added thickness provides more durability for constant use. However, due to this thickness, the high traffic matting is heavier and takes up more storage space. It is best used for more permanent applications. Using the approved Everseal adhesive, high traffic aquatic matting can be glued directly to the pool deck to give your swimming pool a colorful facelift.

Both high traffic and lightweight aquatic matting can be trimmed with a razor knife and bonded end to end with a seam adhesive to custom fit any space. You can also purchase ramp edging for an easy transition onto the PEM matting surface from the floor. PEM edging is made from a similar flexible plastic as the aquatic matting and is easily cut to length. Edging is sold by the linear foot and will adhere to both the lightweight and high traffic matting thicknesses using Pro Fix 240 Seam Adhesive.

PEM aquatics matting is used at several major Division 1 swimming programs such as the University of Texas, the University of Florida, and the University of Tennessee and has also been used at several FINA world championships beginning with the 2004 championship in Indianapolis. 50,000 square feet of PEM matting was used at the 2005 FINA World Championship in Montreal.

PEM Heavy Weight Aquatic Matting at the 2016 FINA Championships in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
More recently the 2016 championship in Windsor, Ontario used PEM’s black matting instead of the trademark blue.

And, that’s just PEM matting used in the aquatic industry! Harking back to its origins, PEM can be found at several golf courses, especially since the late 1990s and the transition to soft golf spikes on golf shoes. PEM also serves the equestrian, playground, pet and many athletic industries where slick surfaces present a hazard to athletes, spectators and the general public.

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