Better than a Wet Floor Sign – Plastex Matting for Wet Floors

August 8, 2019 - Recreonics

From slippery floors to hot concrete, aquatic centers are full of barefoot environments that can be hazardous to visitors. And, sometimes posted warnings signs may not be enough. Floor matting is an essential solution for any pool facility to provide additional clean, comfortable, and safe surfaces underfoot. There are many wonderful brands you can choose from. Plastex Matting is on our recommendation list. Plastex Matting Inc. has 50 plus years of experience in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge matting and flooring solutions, enabling everyone to become safer, more profitable, and more productive across their professional and recreational environments.

Plastex matting is made from high quality, non-porous polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is durable and flexible, allowing the matting to be easily lifted, carried and moved. Embossed and etched surfaces offer excellent slip resistance. Open grid designs deliver the highest level of drainage, ensuring the poolside remains safe for swimmers, lifeguard and all staff.

Recreonics offers two types of Plastex matting: Heronrib and Floorline

Heronrib High Traffic Embossed PVC Matting
In high traffic areas, Heronrib is popular due to its comfortable, embossed surface and multi-directional drainage properties. A two-layer design features channeled underbars allowing water to flow away in any direction – ensuring no pooling underneath. Heronrib is available in 33′ length rolls, at widths of 2′, 3′ and 4′. It is available in ocean blue, Oxford blue, charcoal gray, forest green, buff, and white. PVC ramp edging is available for smooth transition from the bare floor to the matting and is supplied in 33′ rolls, with cold welding paste included. Also available are connector clips and PVC snap tracks to join rolls for larger area coverage.

Floorline Low-Profile Etched PVC Matting
Floorline, a low-profile matting option, has a single-tier design perfect for light to medium traffic areas. Standard Floorline matting comes in 33′ length rolls of 2′ and 3′ widths. Colors options are blue, beige, green, and red. Specialty Floorline Water Polo matting features a bright tri-color design for water polo field marking. Floorline Water Polo comes in a 49′ roll, of which 33′ is green, 10′ is yellow, and 6′ 7″ is red to mark the water polo penalty areas. The lightness and flexibility of single-tier matting is ideal for quick set up and take down in highly active aquatic facilities. The flexible material contours to uneven surfaces and can be easily cut with heavy-duty scissors or box-cutting tools to fit any space.

Both Floorline and Heronrib matting are made for easy installation and designed for loose lay. No glue or special tools are needed when rolling the matting out, unless the PVC edging or snap track are added.

With the exception of the red color matting, Plastex barefoot matting is UV resistant, so it can be used in both indoor and outdoor aquatics facilities. PVC material is naturally resistant to bacterial growth. Additionally, Plastex manufactures their matting with anti-fungal and anti-microbial additives to prevent mold, mildew, and the spread of disease. PVC is also resistant to most acids, alkalines, and oils, making especially durable in swimming pool environments. Plastex matting is 100% recyclable and made of an average of 30% post-industrial materials.

Plastix matting easy to clean and store. Simply roll up and clean the surface underneath. Regular cleaning with standard household cleaning products will maintain both the effectiveness and lifespan of both Floorline and Heronrib matting.

With the perfect combination of traction, hygiene, and comfort, Plastex barefoot matting provides a lightweight and economical solution for all kinds of sports and recreation environments. Upgrade your aquatic facility today with either type of Plastex matting offered by Recreonics – your aquatic authority.

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