10 foot Swim Club Diving Board



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Product Specs

S. R. Smith’s Swim Club Diving Boards are intended for moderate to heavy-duty use on commercial pools, and can be mounted on a wide variety dive stands depending on site requirements. The Swim Club diving board has a Douglas Fir laminated wood core, wrapped in fiberglass and resin roving, an acrylic skin and a non-slip, sanded surface. Extra reinforcement at the fulcrum provides for additional strength.

10 foot Swim Club Molded Fiberglass Diving Board – 18 inch width Specifications

– Diving Board Width: 18″
– Distance from center of bolt holes to mid-fulcrum setting: 52″
– Two 9/16″ holes are pre-drilled 12″ apart on the heel end for mounting.
– Includes two 1/2″, grade II carriage bolts with hardware for mounting.
– Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.