14 foot Eureka Fiberglass Diving Board



SKU 40-060



Product Specs

S. R. Smith’s Eureka diving boards are intended for heavy-duty use on commercial pools, depending upon installation design, site requirements and local codes. Diving board wood core is made of laminated wood veneer with exterior adhesives for superior strength and resiliency. The outer body of the Eureka diving board is made of a vacuum formed acrylic skin, and hand laid fiberglass and resin roving surrounding the wood core. A non-slip, sanded surface runs the entire length of the diving board, 1/2″ from all edging.

14 foot Eureka Fiberglass Diving Board Specifications

– Diving Board Width: 20″
– Two 9/16″ holes are pre-drilled 12″ apart on the heel end for mounting.

– Includes two 1/2″, grade II carriage bolts with hardware for mounting.
– Shipping Weight: 205 lbs.