Crystal Clear Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall – 16′ t x 4′ w



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Product Specs

Add adventure to your swimming pool or aquatic facility with a poolside climbing wall. Climbing increases fitness levels through development of strength, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance. It also provides participants with positive risk taking and creative problem solving.

Kersplash® swimming pool climbing walls are suited for indoor or outdoor use. Kersplash Crystal Clear™ complements any aquatic center and offers visibility to areas behind the wall. These pool climbing walls are modular and can be made to fit any space and deck configuration with 4′ panels attached to a stainless steel frame allowing you to customize the height and width of the wall to meet your needs. Kersplash requires a minimum footprint of 35″ of deck space, 4′ of clearance behind the wall for a walkway, at least 5′ to either side of your wall, and a 10′ drop zone. NOTE: A designated “drop zone” is recommended at the base of Kersplash pool climbing wall to keep swimmers out of the area.

The facility pool depth and state and local codes determine the maximum height of the wall for each application.

The Kerplash Pool Wall Package Includes:

– UV and chlorine-resistant Kersplash wall panels.
– 100% 304L U.S. made stainless steel structure.
– Groperz hand holds with stainless steel mounting hardware.
– Kersplash rules and guidelines signs.
– Safety, care and maintenance instructions.

Crystal Clear Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall – 16′ t x 4′ w Specifications:

Overall Height: 18′ (includes 2′ safety panel at top)
Climbable Surface: 16′
Width: 4′
Recommended Water Depth: 9′