4.75 inch x 75 foot Anti-Wave Forerunner Swim Racing Lane



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Product Specs

Anti-Wave swim racing lanes come completely assembled with copper sleeves forming a loop and holding a stainless steel eyelet, fitted with a stainless steel S-hook, at one end and a Supertensioner turnbuckle tensioning device at the other end. Some slight field adjustments may be required. Metallic gold and pink are available with custom orders.

4.75″ x 75′ Anti-Wave Forerunner Swim Racing Lane Specifications

– Polyethylene discs with UV resistant additives.
– Interspersed blow-molded floats.
– 2,000 pound test strength 20-strand 1/8″ un-coated stainless steel cable.
– Weight: 69 lbs.

To meet regulations for competitive swimming events, each 15′ end portion of the racing lane is required to be a solid color with alternating colors available for the body of the racing lane. For non-competitive use, a different color scheme may be preferred.

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