Swimming Pool Access 6-Step ADA Easy Stair



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Product Specs

The 6-step ADA Easy Stair meet all ADA guidelines for accessible swimming pool design and is a proven economical solution for all larger pools that require a secondary means of ADA access in the category of pool stair. The 6-step ADA Easy Stair is portable, removable and requires no modification or anchoring to your swimming pool. Each unit is custom fabricated and trimmed to your pool profile.

Swimming Pool Access 6-Step ADA Easy Stair Specifications

– For top of deck to pool floor distances of 48″ – 57″
– Made of molded, marine grade fiberglass.
– Wear strips to protect both the pool gutter lip and side skirting.
– Custom, white non-conductive handrails to comply with NEC electrical codes and do not require bonding connections.
– Includes removable dolly and entrapment skirt.
– Maximum Load Capacity is 500 lbs.
– Shipping Weight: 190 lbs.

NOTE: A detailed questionnaire of your swimming pool’s deck, wall and floor dimensions is required for both determining the unit required and fabrication.

Light Blue (.LB) Med. Blue (.B) Safety Yellow (.Y)