aXs2 Pool Access Lift with Caddy and Anchor



SKU 46-780



Product Specs

The aXs2 Pool Access Lift is a low profile swimming pool lift with a compact footprint and is ideal for community and hospitality swimming pools. This aXs2 Pool Access Lift features a square post and comes with caddy and pool deck anchor. It has a 360-degree rotation to ensure sufficient clear deck space for safe transfers and is third-party tested and verified ADA compliant with a 300 pound lifting capacity.

aXs2 Pool Access Lift with Caddy and Deck Anchor Specifications

– Constructed from stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum extrusions.
– Features integrated armrests and a sturdy roto-molded seat.
– Ships complete with the LiftOperator® Intelligent Controller.
– Includes 24-volt battery, charger, electronic console cover, seat belt assembly
– Shipping Weight: 188 lbs.