2 inch CLA-VAL Non-Modulating Float Valve



SKU 32-514.E



Product Specs

2″ CLA-VAL non-modulating float valve accurately controls the level of your swimming pool water. It is designed to be installed in a surge tank and is fully open when the water level reaches a preset low point and close drip-tight when the water level is at the preset high point. The CLA-VAL valve is a hydraulically operated diaphragm valve. The float positions the pilot control to close the valve when the float contacts the upper stop. The high and low water levels are adjusted by positioning the stop collars on the float rods. The difference between high and low can be adjusted up to 18″. Comes standard with epoxy coating.

2″ inch CLA-VAL Non-Modulating Float Valve Specifications

– Includes the Hytol (main valve) and float control.
– Float valve is made of ductile iron.
– (2) 12″ sections of PVC float rod.
– (1) Stainless steel float.
– Weight: 8 lbs.

Stainless steel rod and float are available.