Competitor Swim Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel



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Product Specs

Competitor Swim’s New and Upgraded Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel is ideal for easy, mobile storage and installation of racing lane lines. Solid end wheels keep the lanes safely on the core to avoid tangles and lane line damage. A powder coated aluminum frame and end wheels offer durability for both indoor and outdoor use. The Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel features a unique, end mounted handle and 5″ stainless steel casters with individual brakes provide easy and safe maneuverability.

Dimensions: 70″ l x 46″ w x 62″ h
Shipping Weight: 125 lbs.

Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel Stores:

8 Lines:

4″ x 60′

5 Lines:

6″ x 60′

7 Lines:

4″ x 75′

4 Lines:

6″ x 75′

6 Lines:

4″ x 25M

3 Lines:

6″ x 25M

3 Lines:

4″ x 50M

1 Lines:

6″ x 50M

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