Daldorado SILENTFlow Straight Parallel PVC Swimming Pool Grating – 16 inch



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Product Specs

Daldorado’s SILENTFlow™ straight parallel swimming pool grating system features an unprecedented 40% open area which provides for whisper-quiet noise reduction and complies with IBC child finger and toe entrapment guidelines with bar openings of .315 (8mm). It has been engineered for easy installation – no more expansion issues or buckling. Added truss support and high quality material give SILENTFlow™ swimming pool grating superior strength in excess of 4,000 lbs. Daldorado’s SILENTFlow™ parallel swimming pool grating is also certified to IBC Classification C for wet and barefoot inclines for swimming pool ramps, stairs and surrounding areas, and new IBC standards for strength, specifically access covers and grates (3996 Class A ~ over 10kN). Fully warranted for 10 years.

Daldorado SILENTFlow Straight Parallel Swimming Pool Grating – 16 inch

– Made of high-grade UV-stable PVC(Axiall 7140) and is certified NSF 50.
– Bar Opening Width: .315 (8mm)
– Bar Width: .472″ (12mm)
– Sold per lineal foot.