CapSHURE Swimming Pool Radius Deck Drain System



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Product Specs

Daldorado’s CapSHURE™ swimming pool radius deck drain system is suitable for indoor and outdoor pool installation and available 8′ lengths with 4″ a grating width with 4″ depth. Includes a heavy-duty base with a throw-away cap to help the base keep its form when pouring and setting concrete. EPDM rubber joiners (sold separately) are used as flexible expansion joints. Grating for Daldorado’s CapSHURE™ deck drain system has a 40% open area and complies with IBC child finger and toe entrapment openings of .315 (8mm). It is made of UV-stable, slip-resistant PVC and is certified to IBC Classification C For wet, barefoot inclines for swimming pool ramps and stairs in swimming pool and shower rooms areas. Fully warranted for 10 years.

CapSHURE™ Swimming Pool Radius Deck Drain System Specifications

– Sold per foot, with a minimum order of 8′.
– Made of high-grade UV-stable PVC (Axiall 7140) and certified for NSF50.
– Bar Opening Width: .315 (8mm)
– Base available only in gray
– ADA compliant