DalMax Main Drain Sump 24 in x 24 in – 10 inch Outlet



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Product Specs

DalMax 24″ x 24″ x 30″ deep main drain sumps are certified to APSP-16-2017 and do not require further certification. Sumps are constructed of 8 ounce fiberglass matte with a white marine grate gel coat on the inside, which is both corrosion resistance and non-conductive. DalMax 24″ x 24″ main drain sumps do not require bonding. All outlets are placed a minimum of 17″ from the top of the sump. The Dalmax main drain sump grate has a raised design that meets IBC standards for slip resistance and is fabricated from molded, UV stabilized white PVC and certified to NSF/ANSI 50. Grate is certified under APSP-16,2017.

Multiple suction outlets are available as long as the total combined flow rate does not exceed the stated certified maximum flow rate for the unit.

DalMax Main Drain Sump 24″ x 24″ – 10″ Outlet

– Grate Open Area: 62% (357 sq. in.)
– (2) 2″ schedule 40 PVC female adapters at bottom of sump for hydrostatic relief valves.
– Schedule 40 PVC slip connections.
– Flow: 1,734 at 1.5 FPS (Floor)
– Outlets Placed a Minimum of 17″ from Top.
– Outlet Size: 10″

Schedule 80 and custom connections are available upon request.