Easy Stack Fiberglass Bench – 48″



SKU 77-525



Product Specs

All-weather, portable and ruggedly durable Easy Stack fiberglass benches are the perfect team seating solution. EasyRec athletic benches can handle any environmental conditions from the pool, field, gym or locker room. Light-weight and stackable construction makes these high-capacity benches ideal for quick set-up and compact storage. Easy Stack fiberglass benches are manufactured as a single piece, providing strong, stable seating with a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Indoor/Outdoor marine-grade gelcoat is corrosion, moisture, UV and scratch resistant. Choose from a large selection of colors and then customize the benches with your team logo or sports graphics. No assembly required. 2-year limited manufacturer warranty. Dimensions: 48″ l x 18″ h x 15″ w; Shipping Weight: 26 lbs.

Available in twelve standard colors:
Color options for All-Weather Easy Stack fiberglass benches. Twelve standard colors.