Krystal Pool Climbing Wall – 3 panel high-2 wide



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Product Specs

Pool climbing walls by AquaClimb are ideal for any pool facility. Challenging, rewarding, and engaging, the alternative sport of aquatic climbing has evolved rapidly. Aquatic climbing walls help your pool capitalize on the sport’s soaring popularity by giving people a highly enjoyable, yet totally safe way to climb in the water. AquaClimb’s Krystal Pool Climbing Wall Systems are economical climbing walls. Clear climbing panels allows more light and higher visibility in the physical installation environment and give the pool owner an opportunity to have custom graphics like sponsorship logos printed on the panels.

Krystal Pool Climb Wall – 3 panel high-2 wide Specifications

– Includes 28″ Tall Safety Section
– Climbing Height: 9′-10″
– Required Wall Length: 16′-6″
– Width: 6′-6″
– Drop Zone From Wall Out: 9′-0″
– Recommended Water Depth: 6′-0″