RayPak Hi-Delta Commercial Pool Heater – 750000 BTU



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Product Specs

Environment friendly PayPak Hi_Delta commercial swimming pool heaters have an 85% energy efficiency rating and exceptionally low NOx levels that meet all local, state and national codes. NOx emissions will vary from 10-20ppm depending on combustion air quality and fuel composition. Theses commercial swimming pool heaters includes factory installation inspection and support.

Ratings below are for elevations up to 5,000 feet for natural or propane gas. Please contact us for installation at elevations over 5,000 feet.

RayPak Hi-Delta Commercial Heater – 750000 BTU

– MBTUH Input: 750,000
– MBTUH Output: 638,000
– Width: 67 1/2″
– Gas Connection NPT: 1 1/4″
– Water Connection NPT: 2″
– Flue Size: 8″
– Combustion Air Size: 6″
– Shipping Weight: 675 lbs.

Optional Equipment: Truseal™ Direct Vent (meets ASHRAE 15-1994, Section 8.B.6a and UMC 703.3 and 1106.6); Firing Controls; Rack Kits for stacking heaters.