RockSolid Extended Reach Commercial Pool Basketball



SKU 94-237



Product Specs

RockSolid extended reach commercial basketball game features a patented RockSolid anchor to eliminate movement against the toughest opponents and a 30″ setback that works well with wide overflow or parapet gutters. It also has a rugged SealedSteel® salt friendly single post frame and rim to guard against corrosion. When you need your deck to be clear, the RockSolid extended reach commercial basketball game can be easily removed from the anchor and the optional anchor cap put in place. Regulation rim, net, basketball, needle, anchor and escutcheon are included.

Custom heights and set backs are available.

RockSolid Extended Reach Commercial Basketball Game Specifications

– 18″ setback to center of anchor.
– Commercial grade 2.50″ square, 304 stainless steel frame (salt friendly vinyl coated).