Sunshade for Griff’s Elevated Step Guard Station



SKU 42-671



Product Specs

The Sunshade for Griff’s Guard Stations protects lifeguards from harmful UV rays and increases visual effectiveness in lifeguarding activities. The Sunshade canopy is constructed of UV inhibited high-density polyethylene with a stainless steel support frame and tilts from front-to-back and side-to-side. Pivot arm is also made of T304 stainless steel and attaches to the lifeguard station using stainless steel clamp tees so retrofitting existing guard stations is easy.

Sunshade for Griff’s Elevated Step Guard Station Specifications

– Ball Lock Pin Secures Shade into 5 Set Positions
– 49deg Side-to-Side Tilt
– 33deg Forward-to Back Tilt
– 12″ Height Adjustment
– Canopy Support Frame: 1.00″ OD x .065″
– Pivot Arm: 1.90″ OD x .109″
– Weight: 40 lbs.