Taylor TTi 2000 Colorimeter Portable Water Tester



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Product Specs

Taylor Technologies’ TTi 2000 Colorimeter is a handheld, portable pool water testing instrument that provides accurate results and an intuitive user-interface, data-logging capabilities and other functional attributes required by professional pool operators. The TTi 2000 Colorimeter features high performance LED optics, ideally suited for use in portable testing instruments for accurate test results, and utilities 6 wavelength filters manufactured especially for enhanced durability and wavelength accuracy. Reagent packs and carry case sold separately.

Taylor TTi 2000 Colorimeter Specifications

– Pre-programmed tests for the most commonly conducted tests.
– User-developed test capability to program up to 8 proprietary tests of 12 data points each.
– Automatic wavelength selection for pre-programmed and user-developed tests.
– Data storage and recall for 100 test results with time and date stamps.
– PC App to transfer test results, download test files and firmware.
– Custom graphical liquid crystal display (LCD) with anti-glare coating offer excellent contrast and readability.
– Adjustable backlighting for use in low-light environments with time feature to save battery life.
– Portable, rugged, waterproof and dust-tight design.
– Includes quick-start guide, test cells, dilution vial, AC power adapter, USB cable, batteries, foam brush, data interface software, and free, lifetime software upgrades as new tests are developed.