Triodyne Anti-Hair Snare Plus Pool Drain Cover



SKU 34-532



Product Specs

The Triodyne anti-hair snare plus is the only drain cover with an anti-hair entanglement design available for swimming pools. It is more effective than any other anti-vortex drain cover currently available and works on a self-shedding principal when a bather raises their head through a hi-low step design. This hi-low design along with the dome shape of the cover also prevents a child from forming a vacuum seal over the drain eliminating the hazard of suction or body entrapment.

Complies with ASME/ANSI standard A112.19.8M-1996, strength, stiffness and safe flow rates for suction fittings for use in swimming pool, wading pool, spa, hot tub and whirlpool bath applications. Includes an adapter ring that will fit most circular main drains and screw pack. Compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.