Watercannon Aeration System 1.5 – 50 foot cord



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Product Specs

Watercannon Aeration Systems use the natural process of aeration found in ocean waves, river rapids and waterfalls to cool swimming pool water. Used consistently at night, the Watercannon will significantly reduce the pool water temperature an average of 10 to 12 degrees. (Does not include cart.)

Watercannon Aeration System 1.5 – 50 foot cord Specifications

– Produces a flow rate up to 230 gallons per minute.
– (1) Flexible intake assembly with (3) hyfro-flow safety fitting covers.
– (1) Sprayer arm assembly with (2) adjustable brass/chrome elbows.
– (2) adjustable brass/chrome sprayer nozzles.
– (1) Electrical safety cord with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
– Twist-lock watertight connections.

Watercannon Aeration Systems require a dedicated 20 Amp circuit (either 120 or 240 volt) with a NEMA approved receptacle run in close proximity by a licensed electrician.