WAVE 100 Robotic Pool Cleaner



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Product Specs

Maytronics WAVE 100 commercial swimming pool cleaner is designed for mid-sized pools up to 88 feet, such as those found in gyms, fitness clubs, YMCAs, and water parks. The WAVE 100 pool cleanerensures comprehensive cleaning with its superior filtering capabilities, and highly effective scrubbing of the floor, walls, and waterline. Includes remote control, bottom loading bag cartridge, zero-entry sensor, cable swivel and 2 year limited warranty.

WAVE 100 Robotic Pool Cleaner Specifications

– Suction Rate: 4,500 gph
– Cable Length: 98′
– Number of Brushes: 2
– Brush Type: PVC
– Cleaning Cycle Times: 4/6/8 hours
– Voltage Input:120-Volt/60-Hertz
– Voltage Output: 24-Volt
– Unit Weight: w/o Cable: 27 lbs.
– Shipping Weight: 54 lbs.
– Shipping Dimensions: 20″ w x 20″ h x 24″ d